Ruminations from Powell’s Coffee Shop

Enjoying a 12oz chai at Powell’s always hopping coffee shop/reading room. Not supposed to have more than 5 books, but i suck a couple of extra in. Figure, I’m pretty much set on buying almost all my items. It’s always fun, and a bit daunting to peruse this institution. I always find it’s good to have a game plan, i.e. a couple of key things you are looking for. This trip I was on the hunt for 3 things:

1) Birthday present for Matt. Wanted to find an fun, encouraging film book to support his pursuit of creative projects.
2) Information/reference books for my Pub Quiz Oregon quiz writing.
3) Zine(s). I’m a big fan of zines (however, as a dabbler, not deeply knowledgeable – just know what I like).

Here’s what I ended up with:
1) Making Short Films by Jim Piper (coincidentally the name of our very nice previous landlord). It seems to have mixed reviews, but I like that it has pictures and seems somewhat The Conversations by Michael Ontaje. Looks very inspiring.
2) The reference books are my little secret…
3) A new local zine “Monster of Fun! a collection of Razorcake columns by Amy Adoyzie” which looks very promising. And hey she’s APA which is always nice to support. Also picked up “time enough at last” by A.j. Michel out of Lansdowne, PA. I’m a list junkie and this one is subtitled: “A Reading Log 2007” including juicy documentation of A.j.’s reading habits over the past year.


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