web 2.0

i consider myself pretty savvy. i wrote a bit about it in the asian reporter a few weeks back. that column outlines my general internet usage at that moment. the crazy thing is that it’s already out of date. i just started using twitter recently. and i’ve watched facebook evolve to incorporate a lot of this stuff, including twitter (i can update twitter and my facebook status simultaneously) and my blog feed. (another reason for this blog post, so i can see how it works.) it moves so quickly and fluidly that it’s easy to get sucked in and then you realize, ack, i don’t really want to use that feature anymore, or shoot, i’m up late playing that boggle game.

my question to you all is, what do you do on the internet tubes? do you have a facebook or myspace account? do you use both? what about linked in or twitter or other services? do you blog? do you use rss or social bookmarks? what else do you use? why do you use what you use? do you feel more connected or less connected the more you use these tools? post your musings in the comments.


2 thoughts on “web 2.0

  1. I wrote a couple of long-winded comments to my friend Moya’s post which essentially asked “bookmarks or feeds?”: http://tinyurl.com/5anmd2. Basically, I have an organized system for managing my online life, which includes Facebook, Myspace (which I joined under protest to publicize my LA readings – HATE it), blogging, Bloglines, Twitter (1,640 updates since 2/07), flickr, meebo (consolidating my instant msg accts), and LinkedIn (kind of — don’t find it useful). I manage 214+ blogs (written by other) using Bloglines and often nuke the new posts by clicking “Mark All Read”. Whew! I used to use more utilities to cross-post my content (twitterfeed and notes for facebook, flickr-to-fb, etc) but am doing that less. Am finding my “voice” is different in twitter and in FB and I want to share different things with different audiences. Also, the Notes import function in Facebook doesn’t import pictures and unformats some text. Boo. I’d rather post the link to my blog and have people click through. If you think I’ve spent WAY too much time thinking about all this, it’s partly because I get paid for being an enduser from time to time, and I have LOTS of opinions about the internet! Hee! xoxo Becky

  2. thanks, b. i’m figuring out how i want to use all this stuff, too. like i posted my blog on notes and i’ve got some great responses on fb, but i’d love to see some of those responses here, too. i’ll keep playing and futzing. so far, no one’s convinced me to go any further with myspace…

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