my weekend…

as i sit here waiting for audio to be extracted off the cd from our great apa compass show (we talked about ethnic media and also had a piece about the agent orange justice speaking tour) this morning, i thought i’d share some of the cultural outings i’m planning (or recommending) for the weekend.

hubster matt and his improv troupe, super project lab, are at it again with their first run at the lovely, brand new curious theater. they’re trying a different format for this run (instead of their mainstay, “meet your ___” in which local celebs become monologuists who inspire the groups improv scenes). it’s called “3some” and each show will feature just 3 players performing a long-form improvised show. should be interesting! the shows are 9:30pm dec 5/6 and dec 12/13 at curious theater 5225 ne mlk, portland.

on saturday, we’re headed to see our talented friend lisa degrace in her one-woman piece “flying iron” using music, movement, text, costume, clown and more. check out this description: “The audience sees someone “trapped by choice” in a very small world, an iron hoop skirt contained within a 30-foot diameter dress.” sounds intriguing, no? shows are at performance works northwest, 4625 se 67th, portland on saturday and sunday dec 6/7 and dec 13/14.

also on saturday, artist shu-ju wang is doing an artist talk at the central library in downtown portland. she has a very sweet exhibit showing in this cool room of the library called the john wilson special collections (it holds rare materials). feels kinda like you’re walking onto the set of buffy the vampire slayer. the show is called “relay/replay” and it includes 4 artist books that she created in collaboration with elders from rose schnitzer manor. really beautiful pieces.

on the other end of the spectrum, my friend john breen is starring in a movie called the auteur playing at cinema 21 this week. it’s a comedy, it involves the porn industry. not my usual topic of interest, but hey i’m up for a good laugh, if it’s a good laugh.

off to finish uploading this dang audio. it’s taking forever!


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