Waiting for daddy

Can't resist posting this cute little video of Lilli. I pick her up from Montessori every day and then I usually have to multitask like crazy to get dinner ready in good time for her night time routine. But today all I had to do was heat up some leftover butternut squash soup.

Aside: Matt and I have been trying to do meal planning each week so we don't feel overwhelmed by feeding ourselves healthily and economically. It's actually been working great! A friend recommended the book Time For Dinner which inspired my yummy butternut squash soup. (See the section that lays out Kabocha squash recipes. I subbed butternut squash because I could find any of that yummy Kabocha. From two roasted squash, I made my own version of the soup, plus used some in the recommended savory squash cheddar muffins with a little leftover for Lilli snacks.)

Since I was just reheating soup for dinner, that gave me a little extra chance to just focus on the little lady. It always pays off to unitask with her! She's ridiculously fun right now in all her toddler, babbling, singing glory.

Here she's “chatting” about waiting for her dad to come home. And watching herself on the iPhone screen. She really can be a ham.



Let’s do this

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging for a while now. I have lots of very valid excuses… I’m mama to a toddler, I work full-time, I travel a lot… boring, true but not necessarily the biggest obstacle for writing.

under the hawthorne bridgeFor me, once I’ve been away from something for a while, it always feels deceptively daunting to come back. Yoga, improv theater, knitting have all suffered from this… fear, I guess. All I need to do is just do, right? Instead, I ponder, stress, worry. Instead of doing, I think too much and I feel a weight come over me – I should commit to committing.. I should come back whole-hog, full-force… I can’t just dabble away with a post here and a post there – Which is bunk. Just fear holding me back. Dabbling is titular here!

Months ago, I started drafting this big post. My deep, thoughtful re-emergence in honor of Lilli’s first birthday. It was going beautifully, but as is my weakness, I raised the stakes too high and then kept pushing it off because it wasn’t ever “complete.”

My new year’s resolution (I’ll take the Lunar New Year!) is to dabble as I can. Fleeting, fledging is a-ok. Trite, but true: it’s not about the process, not the product. Today, it is February 23, 2013, not a particularly significant or momentous day. Today, I blogged, goddamit.