The mystery and wonder of a lullaby

Ohhhhh, I’m halfway the-ere, ohhh-OH … It’s November 16. I’m halfway through my NaBloPoMo. Third time trying, and this is the farthest I’ve gotten. Feeling pretty hopeful I can close the deal.


Today we started the process of de-bink-ifying. Lilli is two and until today she was still using her binky for naps and night time sleep at home. (She’s been binky-free for months at her Montessori toddler program, so we’ve been the laggards.) I’ll share more about how that’s all going tomorrow.

But I want to note one particularly special moment that happened today.

As I was helping Lilli settle down for her nap, she was, of course, upset she could not use her binky. She already had several bouts of crying. Finally she seemed to be calming down. The last part of our routine for sleep is always a song. I asked Lilli what song she wanted me to sing. She said quietly, “Humma.” At that moment I almost cried.

We haven’t sung Humma in ages and I was so touched that she wanted to hear it. The Humma song is the first lullaby I ever sang to her, even before our Entrustment Day. The Humma song was the lullaby I sang for her every night until about six months ago when she started making ‘requests,’ usually songs from recordings we listen to regularly. I think the Humma song was also one of the first songs she ever learned to sing. One time when I was singing her to sleep, she started singing along. It totally cracked us both up when she started singing, I think because we were both surprised.

Here’s how the ‘Humma’ song goes (excuse my mediocre singing voice):

I learned the Humma song when I was in a choir class years ago. I believe it’s a Native American lullaby, but I haven’t been able to learn any more about it. (Yes, there are times you can’t find the answer on the interwebs.) If you are familiar with this song and know any of the story behind it, where it came from, etc., please do share.

When Lilli asked me to sing the Humma song today she was still getting over her binky upset. It touched me deeply she felt that song would be soothing to her. So, I sang the Humma song to her, softy, rubbing her forehead and she finally succumbed to sleep.


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