A ‘mix-tape’ from my toddler to the new baby on our block


Remixed Gontaruk’s image through Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Okay, what I made is not technically a mix-tape, but in that tradition, it is a music compilation on CD. And technically I made the mix, but it’s inspired by Lilli’s current favorites. And technically the new baby on the block isn’t here yet, but he’s due very, very soon. Which is why we attended the baby shower today and why we were inspired to share some tunes.

Here’s the mix:

You might notice that some of these songs are from the same album. Our toddler, like many I’m sure, is adamant about listening to her favorites over and over again. As I was putting this mix CD together I noticed that King Kong Kitchie, Lilli’s number one favorite song, has 91 plays. And I think that’s just on one device.

Lilli is actually quite the budding musician herself. We just gave her a ukelele which has really brought out her inner ham. Her favorite songs to cover right now are Everybody Sing by a local musician who calls himself Tallulah’s Daddy when he does children’s shows and This Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin, which is one she learned at her Montessori program.

We expose her to new songs as we can, but getting new music hasn’t been a priority for us until now. So, please do share your favorites, especially kiddie-friendly but not necessarily kiddie-specific songs.


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