sweet shamelessness

Time for some shameless promotion.

First me…

Here’s some recent audio work I’ve done at KBOO Community Radio. I’ve been part of the APA Compass Collective for the last couple of years. I also recently started a new pilot show with S.W. Conser called Behind the Screen focusing on local filmmakers and festivals.

I also write for the Asian Reporter. Here are a few of my recent opinion pieces:

Now to brag about my friends’ projects…

  • My friend Sarah Liane Foster is a brilliant clown. Check out her new solo show The Last Show You’ll Ever See playing later this month at Curious Comedy Theater in NE Portland.
  • I know a bunch of folks involved with the live soap opera Soap St. Theater including creator/director/writer Eric Martin Reid, musician Ralph Huntley (of Live Wire! and Super Project Lab fame) and actors Adrienne Flagg (also Creative Director at IFCC and founder/artistic director of Portland Theatre Brigade), Jennifer Lanier (also a Portland Theatre Brigade teacher) and Sean McGrath (another LiveWire! cast member).
  • My friend Risa Morimoto’s documentary is airing nationally on PBS‘s Independent Lens this week for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The film is called Wings of Defeat, which reveals the true stories of World War II Kamikaze pilots. Check your local PBS listings for exact times.
  • A bunch of friends and colleagues organize and are taking part in the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival going on right now. It’s their 25th Anniversary! Congrats folks!
  • Levi Ethan Cecil is a musician I know (and also a dj on KBOO – his show is Midnight Mixtape) who’s doing something very grassroots to try and get his CD released. Check out his website to learn more.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more later!

Day 3 of NaBloPoMo done.


web 2.0

i consider myself pretty savvy. i wrote a bit about it in the asian reporter a few weeks back. that column outlines my general internet usage at that moment. the crazy thing is that it’s already out of date. i just started using twitter recently. and i’ve watched facebook evolve to incorporate a lot of this stuff, including twitter (i can update twitter and my facebook status simultaneously) and my blog feed. (another reason for this blog post, so i can see how it works.) it moves so quickly and fluidly that it’s easy to get sucked in and then you realize, ack, i don’t really want to use that feature anymore, or shoot, i’m up late playing that boggle game.

my question to you all is, what do you do on the internet tubes? do you have a facebook or myspace account? do you use both? what about linked in or twitter or other services? do you blog? do you use rss or social bookmarks? what else do you use? why do you use what you use? do you feel more connected or less connected the more you use these tools? post your musings in the comments.

autumn linkage

here’s my opportunity for shameless promotion of my other projects:

  • recently started contributing to the opinion column My Turn at The Asian Reporter
    i ruminate on things like Margaret Cho’s The Cho Show, hip hop, Olympics coverage, etc etc.
  • we have some new APA Compass episodes archived and available for download.
  • i’m on the board of the rad, feminist non-profit Bitch Magazine and we’ve had some great fundraising efforts over the last month in reaction to a financial crisis. now we could use some help in the form of feedback – do our survey!

that’s all for now. i’ll be back here starting november 1, beginning a crazy stint with NaBloPoMo

It’s all about me

In case you don’t have the chance to pick up the paper copy of the Asian Reporter, you can catch my contributions to the My Turn opinion column at their website. My latest topics include hip-hop, a recent racist comic and the recent coverage of the Olympics (old news by now). Thanks for reading!

Too hot to hibernate

Yes I’ve been hibernating. Haven’t posted in ages. Way overcommitted this summer. Looking forward to fall when I can reprioritize my life. The truth is I don’t have too much to report. Too tired, too hot, whatever. Thought I’d point to two of my current favorite blogs:

– Bitch Magazine recently launched their new website which looks amazing. Full disclosure, I am on the board so this is surely a biased review. But they’ve been doing such a great job with their blogs! They’re keeping it real: interesting, thought-provoking, diverse. Stay tuned for more info on our 2nd annual [sm]art benefit featuring the legendary Judy Chicago and loads of other local and national art people.
Angry Asian Man is always at the top of my list for excellent blogs. He’s a voracious, cutting surveyor/analyzer of all things Asian.

On a slightly different, but still opinionated note – I recently started contributing to the My Turn column at The Asian Reporter. Check me out if you interested in seeing other stuff I’ve been up to…

January linkage

Here are some links to some of my recent work online:

APA Compass on KBOO Community Radio
Paper Cuts, Tung-Hui Hu and the Angry APA Minute

The Asian Reporter
Emerging artist finds inspiration from quilts, industrial sites

Local comic shop owner puts together stunning tribute to Bill Mantlo, writer of ROM Spaceknight
Vancouver-based artist’s new work explores identity and labor through subtle forms

North Portland gallery explores the world of sophisticated craft


Another rainy day in P-town. I’m not complaining actually. Just stating the fact as a backdrop to the days musings. It’s been an interesting week of networking-mania. That sounds so funny and corporate, but we artsy, non-profity types need it. Especially when you’re a new kid in town. I’m trying to be proactive about doing interesting, creative, community-oriented stuff while I search for some steady income. Joining the APA Compass Radio Collective at KBOO and the writing team for The Asian Reporter have been amazing ways to meet folks and get myself out into the community. And those projects are definitely keeping me busy. However, I’m still looking for ways to make a living – not just pay the bills, but help develop more contacts and knowledge to lead me to the next thing, my dream enterprise, a dynamic Process Space venue. I’m also always in search of folks to do collaborative, multi-disciplinary art projects with. With those things in mind I pursued some great local resources. Young Women Social Entrepeneurs recently hosted a meeting at a cool flexible office space in the Pearl, Souk. In addition to the usual networking type interactions, the meeting featured Dr. Kalyn Culler Cohen and Paige Coleman of Kindle Partners who shared some insights about how women bring a different approach to traditional enterprise models. And the big suprise came when I actually won a free consultation with Kalyn and Paige – I’ve never actually won one of those ‘throw your business card in to win’ things, so it was rather exciting. Definitely looking forward to talking with them. I also went with my friend Patti to a Sisters in Cinema meeting at the NW Film Center School. It’s a mellow roundtable where you can bring completed pieces or works-in-progress to share with the group. And of course do the whole networking thing. Pam Minty, the organizer challenged us to bring some sort of work-in-progress to the next meeting in June. I met some nice gals who I might try to wrangle into a project so we’ll see what happens. Oh I guess the other big thing is that I had a very good interview for the Executive Director position at Print Arts Northwest. Keeping my fingers crossed – I expect to hear something (hopefully second round interview!) by the end of the week. That being said, I’d better get back to the resume-generating machine while I’m in a chatty mood.