An apparel company does (mostly) non-racist for a change

After countless racist incidents from clothing companies raising hackles (see: Abercrombie & Fitch racist t-shirt fiasco or Urban Outfitters’ Navajo fashion debacle), it looks like one big retailer has finally done some bit of good. The Gap stepped up.

This Huffington Post piece breaks down what happened.

The quick and dirty:

  1. Gap puts up billboard of this ad featuring Waris Ahluwalia, a Sikh man, who also happens to be a man about town in NYC. Pretty cool. (Here’s more of Gap’s series of #makelove ads, which actually features a healthy diversity of faces.)
  2. Muslim journalist Arsalan Iftikhar tweets photo showing one of said billboards defaced with all kinds of racist nonsense. (Here’s his account of the incident on The Daily Beast.)
  3. Gap replies to Iftikhar’s tweet to find out where the defaced ad is, and to stay tuned.
  4. Gap then makes the billboard art their Twitter background.
  5. Lots of people are psyched to learn how Gap responds.

Gap FTW? Not quite. While many laud Gap for the ad and for their response to the vandalized billboard,  some Sikh’s find the ad offensive for the way the woman is lustfully touching Ahluwalia’s turban and chest.


Pics from NASA on The Commons

Not feeling like writing a bunch of words, so I thought I’d poke around some photos on The Commons at Flickr. These are some neat ones from NASA:

Engineers Check Body Revolution Model

Engineers Check Body Revolution Model July 31, 1957

Gemini Launch Pad watercolor

Gemini Launch Pad Artist: James Wyeth, 1964 Media: Watercolor on paper

Apollo 11, 1969

Apollo 11, 1969

Skylab, 1973-1979

Skylab, 1973-1979

First Image of Saturn and Titan

First Image of Saturn and Titan
August 31, 1979

Sunrise Suit Up mixed media

Sunrise Suit Up
Artist: Martin Hoffman, 1988
Mixed media

Astronaut Mae Jemison Working in Spacelab-J

Astronaut Mae Jemison Working in Spacelab-J
October 22, 1992

Phoenix Mars Lander, 2007-2008

Phoenix Mars Lander, 2007-2008

donut wedding

My friend Lena just moved here from Boston. Her sweetie Paul just, just moved here from London. Today they got hitched in true Portlandia style – at the legendary Voodoo Donuts. Proprietor Tres Shannon did the honors. There were kazoos, a pirate and of course, lots of donuts. It was very sweet!

Here’s a few photos. More on flickr.

the boneyard

When Matt and I went to Las Vegas back in March, the one thing I wanted to be sure and see was the Boneyard. It’s part of the collection of the Neon Museum, an organization preserving, salvaging and restoring old signs so they just don’t end up in the dump. They are also all about celebrating the “neon sign” as a uniquely Las Vegas artform. For now, the Boneyard is a big lot (actually two lots) where they store all the signs that they’ve salvaged. In addition to neon signs (many of which also also use incandescent bulbs) the museum ends up salvaging all kinds of other large signs. I thought it was pretty dang groovy, and a great Vegas activity if you’re not much of a gambler or need time away from the regular action. You can only visit by appointment only, so don’t forget to call at least a week before you want to go.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from the Boneyard. My whole set is up at flickr.

Next time, I’ll be hitting the Liberace Museum.