A2Z September 2009 Edition

a) My ankle is bunk. I had a Spice Girls incident years ago (tripped over my own platform shoes)(OK I know, why the hell was I wearing platform shoes? What can I say, it was the 90s.) and ever since my right ankle has been sensitive on an on and off basis. This week, on. 😦
b) Fall means Back to Blog! I shall blog regularly again after my unexpected summer hiatus.
c) Our poor Corolla has a whole slew of problems right now. Nothing serious, but annoying enough. On the list: driver side seat belt is failing; dome light doesn’t work; window rattles; some weird noise when we turn (okay that might be more serious). If anyone has a good mechanic in Portland let me know.
d) Dog or no dog? That is the question.
e) Egg Salad. I want to make egg salad today.
f) Excited to dabble in the film world again. I recently joined a small collective (if you’re knowledgeable about the local film scene and interested in getting involved let me know!) producing a new program at KBOO called Behind the Screen. Listen in the last Thursday of the month.
g) I’m gazing out my window and the skies are gray. Or is it grey? Actually grey is the British spelling. So, now you know. Madonna would definitely use “grey.”
h) House! Enough said.
i) Now that it’s fall, I’m committed to doing more improv! A group of us gals just started meeting to play together. Hopefully that will get going on a regular basis. I founded a rad all-woman improv troupe in Chicago years ago called RED. One of the other members of this group was in Southern Oregon’s Hamazons: Warrior Princesses of Comedy. Other improv opps I plan to partake in: Jumping Off Place and Curious Comedy‘s Open Court.
j) Didn’t get to finish Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake before I had to return it to the library. I’m putting it on hold again.
k) Just watched Project Runway Allstars on DVR. Korto Momolu was robbed! Just goes to show that white man making an “edgy” collection that can be worn by twig-sized teens gets more respect than a woman of color making bold, well-crafted beautiful designs for women of all sizes.
l) I’m into my Burt’s Bees’ Lip Shimmer. Shade: Peony.
m) I’m excited to dive into the slo-cooker pork mole that Matt made. Yummy!
n) Check out the newly designed Bitch Magazine. The stalwart feminist pop culture rag took a break to regroup and are looking better than ever in “The Consumed Issue.” They’ve also got a new Executive Director Julie Falk who we hope will continue to help steer the Bitch boat in the right direction. Call them Bitch Media now and enjoy not only the magazine, but their offerings of audio, blog and more. Support Bitch by joining their B-Hive!
o) Open auditions for Portland Theatre Brigade are happening starting next week! All young actors ages 7-15 invited to audition for this fabulous, empowering, young people’s theatre company.
p) Pens I’m into right now: Uni-Ball Gel Grip Pens, 0.7 mm, Medium Point; Uni-Ball Vision Elite Liquid Rollerball Pens, 0.5 mm, Micro Point; and always the magical, wonderful standard Fine Point Sharpie.
q) Quip: 1. A clever, witty remark often prompted by the occasion.2. A clever, often sarcastic remark; a gibe. Courtesy of Free Dictionary.
r) RIP Richard Francis, host of KBOO’s A Different Nature. I didn’t know him well, but I know he was a sweet soul and well-loved at KBOO. Here are nice articles about Richard on the Kill Ugly Radio and Baron Landscape’s Broken Hour blogs.
s) Super Project Lab, my hubby’s improv troupe, has a whole bunch of shows coming up. This weekend they’re doing “Old Flames” at Curious Comedy and they are sharing the bill with Canoofle. And Matt (my sweetie) directed the show!
t) TBA! TBA! TBA! Here’s an interview I did with curator Kristan Kennedy for Behind the Screen.
u) Okay, nearing the end of the alphabet and feeling a bit stuck… I always wanted Wonder Woman Underoos. It seems they still make them.
v) The Verdana font was designed by Matthew Carter specifically to be read on a computer screen. Here’s more from fonts.com.
w) Speaking of Wonder Woman, did you know that Joss Whedon started writing a live action film adaptation of Wonder Woman? Too bad it never came to fruition.
x) Xi is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is preceded by Nu and followed by Omicron
y) I’m a full-time working stiff now. Luckily it’s at this marvelous place, Young Audiences.
z) Zee End.



13 trivial things about Friday:

Moon n Venus played hide-and-seek

1. Etymologically speaking, “friday” refers to “day of the planet Venus.” (photo from voobie’s photostream on flickr)
2. The original Friday the 13th in 1980 made the name Jason and hockey masks super scary. The franchise spurned eleven, count ’em, eleven sequels, including a mashing of the series with another iconic horror franchise Nightmare on Elm Street in Freddie vs. Jason. And now, a new revamped Friday the 13th opens in theaters today, at a multiplex near you.
3. Freaky Friday is a classic children’s book by Mary Rodgers in which a mother and daughter wake up and find themselves in each other’s bodies for a day.
4. The hit 1995 film Friday helped boost the acting careers of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Two sequels: Next Friday and Friday After Next.
5. The first T.G.I. Fridays restaurant opened in New York City at First Avenue and 63rd Street. Now in strip malls across America.
6. In Robinson Crusoe, Man Friday is a native whom Crusoe saves from other savage cannibals. Man Friday becomes Crusoe’s personal slave, I mean, servant. Now we use the terms Man Friday or Girl Friday to describe a loyal, dedicated assistant.
7. Black Friday often refers to that lovely day after Thanksgiving when shoppers go insane on the first shopping day or the Christmas season. The anti-Black Friday is “Buy Nothing Day” a day of protest started by Adbusters Magazine.
8. Ironically (or not) Black Friday also refers to human disasters like the Haymarket massacre, the Eyemouth disaster and the US Canadian tornado outbreak in the 80s.
9. Casual Friday, in which companies allow their employees to do away with the suit and tie for a day, actually started in the 50s with a few companies, but became more popular in the 70s, then the 90s with the dot-commers.
10. Friday is the title character in Robert Heinlein’s award-winning 1982 sci-fi novel about a superior artificial woman.
11. In the classic kids song “Today is Monday” where you go through foods associated with each day of the week, Friday is fish day.
12. In Christianity, Good Friday is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified, three days before Easter when he arose from the dead. Maybe it’s just me, but “good” in this case seems a misnomer. I’d go with something more like “Crap Friday” or “Shite Friday but don’t worry Good Sunday.”
13. Speaking of divinity, TGIF/Thank God It’s Friday was first coined by an Akron, Ohio deejay Jerry Healy in the 70s. Another Ohio deejay, Alan Freed, is credited with first using the term “rock and roll.” Go, Ohio, my home state.

Snow Trivia!

I thought it apropos to celebrate the snowy week in Portland before I dash off to Mexico for a couple of weeks. Yeah, I know, lucky me! No offense to winter, but I’m definitely looking forward to a beachy keen Christmas.

However, my midwest roots can certainly appreciate the wonder of the white stuff. Here is some fun snow TRIVIA! I put this together for the wonderful hambox advent calendar for the December 19 edition. Scroll down for the answers below…

1) Which of these words describes a “fear of snow?” a) snophobia, b) crystallophobia, c) cryophobia, d) chionophobia

2) The typical snowflake has how many identical “arms?”

3) Snow that does NOT melt during the summertime forms what geological mass?

4) The word igloo is derived from what language, meaning “house?”

5) What illustrious “Roughrider” state holds the Guinness World Record for most snow angels made simultaneously in one place? Coincidentally, the record was broken on my birthday March 28, 2007. A momentous day indeed.

6) “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937) had the distinction of being Disney’s first what?

7) Rockers Snow Patrol hail from what country?

8) In the Nutcracker, what is the name of the heroine who saves the nutcracker/prince and is whisked off through the snow forest to the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy?

Scroll down for the answers…

The Answers:

1) Which of these words describes a “fear of snow?” a) snophobia, b) crystallophobia, c) cryophobia, d) chionophobia

2) The typical snowflake has how many identical “arms?” six
3) Snow that does NOT melt during the summertime forms what geological mass? glacier
4) The word igloo is derived from what language, meaning “house?” Inuit

5) What illustrious “Roughrider” state holds the Guinness World Record for most snow angels made simultaneously in one place? Coincidentally, the record was broken on my birthday March 28, 2007. A momentous day indeed. North Dakota. City? Bismarck. Number of snow angels? 8, 692.

6) “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937) had the distinction of being Disney’s first what? animated feature

7) Rockers Snow Patrol hail from what country? Scotland
8) In the Nutcracker, what is the name of the heroine who saves the nutcracker/prince and is whisked off through the snow forest to the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy? Clara

How are you?

I am good. That’s right, I am good, not well. I am doing well. I feel well. But if you’re asking how I am, I can now confidently say, I am good. Thank godess.

It’s a grammar question that’s been bugging me for a while as I’ve listened to extremely literate, articulate friends answer, “I am well.” It always rubbed me just slightly wrong somehow, but my grammar ins-and-outs are pretty rusty. Thanks to the trusty internet tubes and Grammar Girl I found a great explanation about why I am good.

Fifth sentence…

This meme was posted on Facebook

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence along with these instructions in a note on your page.
* (then tell what book it’s from)

“I have my mother’s hair.”

– Maggie from Arthur Miller’s After the Fall


I’m up early this morning, and I attribute it to my recent East Coast trip and Daylight Saving Time. I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the ole DST and here’s some nuggets I thought were interesting.

  • Ben Franklin first came up with the crazy idea to save candles. An early conservationist.
  • The official spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight SavingS Time.
  • Arizona does NOT observe DST. I guess McCain is a maverick amongst mavericks. Hawaii doesn’t do it either.
  • DST makes train schedules screwy. This is from npr: “When the clocks fall back at 2 a.m. this Sunday, Amtrak trains running on time will have to wait in the station for one hour before resuming their journey. Springtime overnight travelers find their trains suddenly one hour late, but their engineers just keep going and try to make up the time.”
  • During the mid-20th century there was no national law mandating DST. “Localities could determine their own DST. Here’s a funny recounting from webexhibits.com: One year, 23 different pairs of DST start and end dates were used in Iowa alone. For exactly five weeks each year, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia were not on the same time as Washington D.C., Cleveland, or Baltimore–but Chicago was. And, on one Ohio to West Virginia bus route, passengers had to change their watches seven times in 35 miles! The situation led to millions of dollars in costs to several industries, especially those involving transportation and communications. Extra railroad timetables alone cost the today’s equivalent of over $12 million per year.”
  • Here’s an amazing story about twins born during the DST switch, essentially reversing their birth order.
  • Robertson Davies fictional character Samual Marchbanks wrote this little diatribe against DST: “I don’t really care how time is reckoned so long as there is some agreement about it, but I object to being told that I am saving daylight when my reason tells me that I am doing nothing of the kind. I even object to the implication that I am wasting something valuable if I stay in bed after the sun has risen. As an admirer of moonlight I resent the bossy insistence of those who want to reduce my time for enjoying it. At the back of the Daylight Saving scheme I detect the bony, blue-fingered hand of Puritanism, eager to push people into bed earlier, and get them up earlier, to make them healthy, wealthy and wise in spite of themselves.”

I for one enjoy both the moonlight and the sunshine. DST is a slight inconvenience, but if it saves us some energy resources then I’m for it.

Resources: webexhibits, NPR, National Geographic, WRAL

Two, count ’em two benefits!!

In case I didn’t get to spam you…

Two benefits I’m working on are coming up (in the same week, yikes) and I would love to see you there!

Benefit for Bitch Magazine
The Bitch Pub Quiz, Thursday June 5
Support what you love; come to Bitch’s first ever fundraising Pub Quiz! It’ll be a trivia-licious evening of questions, answers, games, music, and more! Quizmistress Toni Tabora-Roberts (yes, that’s me!) will test your knowledge of women and pop culture with everything from general-interest questions to name-that-tune brainteasers. You’ll expand your knowledge, get the chance to win some great prizes, and support the work of your favorite local feminist magazine. $5-$20 (sliding scale) per person to play–up to 6 people per team. Bring your friends, your competitors and some dough. For more information check out bitchmagazine.org or call 503-282-5699. Thursday, June 5, 6 p.m., Vita Cafe, 3024 NE Alberta, Portland.

Benefit for KBOO
Pink Martini Fundfest 2008 June 3-6 at the Crystal Ballroom
KBOO is one of the lucky beneficiaries of this year’s Pink Martini FundFest! Each year Pink Martini does a series of concerts to benefit four local non-profits. If you are interested, or if you’d like to tell other potentially interested folks about this great opportunity to support KBOO, let us know. The goal for this event is to raise $80,000 total or $20,000 for each of the four non-profits and 100% of the net proceeds go directly to the organizations.

In addition to the main concerts, there is a very special Patron Reception happening on Friday June 6 from 6-8pm at Lola’s Room. Pink Martini’s band leader Thomas Lauderdale will play Gershwin’s Rhapsody while folks mix and mingle with the band. Tickets are $100, $55 of which is tax-deductible. Patron ticket includes a ticket to the main concert at 8pm and is available directly through KBOO or Ticketmaster.

Of course, you can also support us by attending one of the main concerts. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Those tickets are available through the Crystal Ballroom box office or through Ticketmaster.

More details about this event are available at kboo.fm.

Movie quotes meme, inspired by hambox

Okay I admit I first had to figure out what a meme was. Wiktionary defines it as:

Any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods and terms such as race, culture, and ethnicity.

A cultural virus of sorts. So, here’s my movie quotes meme, inspired by my friend hambox who go it from spark and foam who got it from Life in Scribbletown and so on…

The rules:

  • Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
  • Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
  • Post them on your blog for everyone to guess in the comments.
  • Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
  • GUESSERS: NO Googling/using IMDB search functions. I mean, you can cheat if you want, but all that would do is make you win. Where’s the fun in that?
  • One movie guess per human allowed in the comments, but email me with additional guesses, if you like.

The Quotes:

  1. “Oh, you think you’re hot shit ’cause you get to sit over there and play Pictionary, well guess what? My five year old daughter could do that and let me tell you, she’s not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.” Rico’s good he got 2 of the quotes. I’ll credit him for both cuz he’s my bro. This one’s Juno .
  2. “Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.” Rico’s done it again. Breakfast Club, baby.
  3. “My embarrassing admission is I really like that you’re nice, right now.”
  4. “I’ve been trying to write her a poem, but I can’t seem to finish it. What rhymes with ‘glass’?”
  5. “Great pate, mom, but I gotta motor if I wanna be ready for that party tonight.”Nice get Ms Polly! Great line from Heathers
  6. “Oh, I just think I’m gonna barf… Well, that passed. Now I’m hungry again.”
  7. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” That’s Princess Bride of course. Ms. Becky was quick on that draw.
  8. A: “Would you like another schnitzengruben?” B: “No, thank you. Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.” Thanks for playing FreshHell! Blazing Saddles is correct.
  9. “I don’t care what you believe in, just believe in it.”
  10. A: “Is life always this hard, or is it just when you’re a kid?” B: “Always like this.”