The cutest kid in the room

My toddler and I regularly go out to various family-oriented activities such as story time at the the library or any one of the various local musicians who do regular shows aimed at kid audiences. I’ve started to notice a phenomena, that I myself am party to.

It’s the ‘how cute is my kid?’ phenomena. Here’s how it goes down for me:

  • Aw, Lilli, you are so cute/funny/amazing.
  • OMG, you did not just do that cute/funny/amazing thing. You are too, cute/funny/amazing!
  • I am so lucky. Lilli is so damn cute/funny/amazing.
  • Oh, that kid dancing/singing/smiling is pretty cute, too. But, my Lilli – she is soooo cute/funny/amazing.
  • Did you see that? Did you see that cute/funny/amazing thing Lilli just did? I know you saw that. I know you’re thinking, what a cute/funny/amazing kid, right?
  • Awwww. Lilli is definitely the cutest kid in this room. Damn is she cute!

Yes, this is my self/Lilli-centered p.o.v. I know it’s the truth.

And when I look into the eyes of other parents in these situations, I canĀ  see that they are going through the same thing. That parent thinking their kid is cute – this is their truth. That’s a lovely thing. It’s wonderful to see unapologetically happy parents and families.

But come on, my Lilli – she is THE cutest, isn’t she?

Lilli with leaf

P.S. I can’t believe it. I’ve only got 6 days to go for NaBloPoMo. I can see the finish line!!!