5 most intriguing headlines in my RSS feed today

See if these entice you to click through, too.

Are the Earth’s poles about to flip? – PBS News Hour

Let pigs eat swill and stop wasting precious resources – The Guardian

Comic sans, British officialspeak, and the separation of church and state – Boing Boing

Antarctic volcano – Living on Earth

Monumental Attire wraps downtown Portland in whimsy – The Oregonian


Green news blogging

In my official work gig at OPB as part of the environment news team EarthFix, we recently started a team blog called Waypoints. It’s a nice addition to the other media we produce (audio, video and other digital stories) and it’s given me a chance to flex my ‘writer’ muscle professionally.

Here are a few of the recent posts (mine and some of my colleagues’) I particularly enjoyed:

Feasting On “Trash Fish” For Sustainability

– taking a look at seafood that’s typically thrown out because of lack of demand; a new foodie event is trying to bring wolf eel and skate wing some love

First ‘Farm To School’ Census

– in 2010 Congress declared October ‘National Farm To School Month’ and now USDA is completing the first Farm To School Census

New ‘Vanishing Ice’ Exhibit Reveals A Changing Climate Through The Art of the Arctic

– a very rad exhibit will be on view in Bellingham, showing art works depicting alpine and polar regions; the opening will feature a huge block of ice that will – you guessed it – melt

Goats In Boats: An Answer To Invasive Species On Islands?

– goats are cute, but even cuter are goats in boats on their way to munch on an island’s invasive species

As NW Considers Coal Exports, China Chokes On Coal-Fired Smog

– a jaw-dropping satellite photo shows coal-fueled smog covering China as the Pacific Northwest considers sending more coal through to that part of the world